Items To Avoid Putting In The Dishwasher


When using a dishwasher, it is important to be mindful of the items that should not be placed inside. Some items that should not be put in a dishwasher include:

  1. Cast iron cookware – This type of cookware can rust or become damaged in the dishwasher.

  2. Wooden utensils or cutting boards – Wood can warp or crack in the dishwasher.

  3. Non-stick cookware – The high heat and detergents used in dishwashers can damage the non-stick coating.

  4. Gold-plated or silver-plated items – These items can become discolored or tarnished in the dishwasher.

  5. Copper or brass items – These items can become discolored in the dishwasher.

  6. Crystal or glassware with gold or silver rims – The dishwasher’s heat can cause the metal to peel off.

  7. Fine china or porcelain – These items can become cracked or damaged in the dishwasher.

  8. Items with plastic or rubber parts – These items can melt or warp in the dishwasher.

It is always best to check the care instructions for each item before placing them in the dishwasher. When in doubt, it is best to wash items by hand.