5 Stove Top Issues And How To Fix Them!


Using stoves can be tricky, given that they can sometimes be unpredictable. Many things contribute to this, such as improper cooking of food, unusual power surges, or even a faulty stove itself. Below are some of the issues that you may face when using your stove and how to resolve them:

Gas Odor

The odor may seem harmless, but it is a sign of a gas leak that could be potentially very dangerous. The leak is caused by sediment in the gas supply, which may cause problems when lighting the stove again. To fix this problem, make sure you first disconnect the stove from your gas line and put a cloth over the vent hole to stop any leaks.

Low Heat

The heat might be too low on your stove because you may have used it wrong or because of a repair that you performed by yourself. In most cases, you can increase the heat on your stove by using the thermostat. The problem is sometimes not as simple as a thermostat problem. The gas burner may be defective in either the pilot or the shut off assembly. When this is the case, you will have to replace the parts causing this problem.

Faulty Ignition

If you have tried restarting your stove several times without success and continue to hear a clicking sound every time you turn on the gas, there is a good chance that you may have a faulty igniter. This happens because sediment accumulation eventually leads to power surges that cause the igniter to malfunction. The igniter may also malfunction because of a gas pressure surge. When this is the case, you will have to replace the igniter on your stove.

Missing Flame

If you notice that there seems to be no flame at all coming out from the burner, then there could be several different problems that are causing this issue. First, check whether or not your pilot light is lit by lighting it with a match or lighter. If you get a faint flame, then your pilot light is out. If that is the case, removing the glass cover and checking for any debris in the burner assembly would be a good idea. If you find any debris and clean it up, your stove should work properly again.

Failing of the Induction Cookers

A lot of stoves these days have induction cooktops. If you have this type of stove, you should check for any problems with your unit. The electric burner may be faulty. If it is, you will have to replace the part. Also, check for any problems with the power cord of your stove. If you have a bad component, it would be a good idea to repair the unit to get it working again.

Stoves may be unreliable, but luckily there are many things you can do to fix the problems you may face when using your stove. It is also important to purchase a home warranty plan that covers the repair or replacement of your stove. 

A warranty plan can save you a lot of money if something goes wrong with your appliance. Also, warranties are a good way to ensure the quality of your stove. This way, if something happens, you wouldn’t have to bear unexpected costs for the repairs.