Protecting Your Home & Assets: 4 Tips to Get It Right


The number one goal of homeownership is to protect your investment. In the unfortunate event that you experience a natural disaster, emergency, system/appliance breakdown, or crime, it’s essential that you are prepared and your investment is fully secured. Your home and assets are your most valuable investment, so you must take the essential steps to protect them against potential losses. Here are four basic tips on how you can do that:

1. Have a Home Warranty Plan

A warranty plan can cover your home’s appliances and systems. It will cover the cost of replacement appliances, and other significant items in your home that are broken due to normal wear and tear. Use a home warranty to cover your major and expensive break downs.

2. Install an Alarm

The moment you walk into your home every day, you should be greeted by the unmistakable sound of your home’s security system. Studies show that a burglary takes seconds to occur, and an alarm is a deterrent for criminals on the prowl. While the noise an alarm makes is unpleasant to the ears, it will at least wake you up in case of a fire or other emergency.

3. Use Locks & Smart Home Technology to Boost Security

Make sure you have robust security locks systems on all of your doors. Innovative home technology allows you to monitor your home from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo. You can control the lights and locks of your house and even set timers for when you want your lights to turn on and off.

4. Make Sure Your Garage is Covered

Sometimes it is easy to forget but the garage is also a part of your home and it happens to be one of the most favored entry points for burglars. Make sure that locking both the interior and exterior garage doors is a regular practice. If you have an automated garage door, ensure that you keep the door opener inside your home and not where those looking to break in could access it easily. Also, remember to regularly check and maintain the functionality of your garage door.

Your level of protection and security depends on the steps you take to secure your home. Regardless of the market price of your home, it’s always important to take basic security measures to protect your property from theft and damage. These precautions are inexpensive and easy to implement, so it is best to take them as soon as possible. Purchase a home warranty plan with us today to get started!