Minimize Energy Loss In Air Ducts

Maximize Air Flow

Air ducts are an essential part of the heating and cooling of a home. They provide fresh and cool air to each room. Air ducts also ensure efficient ventilation by carrying pollutants outside. However, when there is an improper setup of the air ducts, it can result in energy loss which may cause an unwanted heating or cooling effect. You may need to contact air duct professionals to help you in repair or replace your ductwork or provide the following services to minimize energy loss.

1. Seal Leaks

Leaks in the duct system may interfere with the designated amount of air to be delivered to certain rooms in your house. These leaks may be small and you may not notice the leaks, but you may see a higher cost on your heating bill. Contact home air duct professionals to avoid being hit with a severe bill of an unanticipated size. The air duct professionals will professionally identify the leak in the duct system and seal them without causing any damage to them. 

2. Insulate Air Ducts

Ambient temperatures constantly change, and your air ducts will be affected by these changes. For example, warm air travels quickly through air ducts and is usually released during winter. To prevent this cold air from entering your home during the summer months, ductwork professionals provide insulation on the ducts so they are as tight as possible. Insulating the duct or the entire environment in which the duct passes is known to reduce the energy lost to the surrounding area.

3. Reroute Air Ducts

There are many good reasons to reroute air ducts. In many older homes, the ducts are located in the crawlspace. This means they are closer to the furnace, raising your home’s temperature. Therefore, they also increase your energy usage, making an energy bill almost twice as much as it should be. It is recommended to use a  ductwork professional to reroute the air ducts.

4. Reconstruct Air Ducts

Old houses may have aged air duct systems, which may not be energy efficient. Suppose you want to prevent any problems with your air ducts and keep yourself from paying extra on energy bills. In that case, reconstruction might be the best way for a new air duct, and it has to be made of entirely new technology which is more energy efficient. You may prefer to repair a section of it, or you can reconstruct it. It all depends on how much money you want to spend and how long you want the reconstruction job to last.

Acquiring an energy-efficient new system or modifying your system may save money over time.  A home warranty can help with ductwork issues that break down due to normal wear and tear, but you may still want to consider these fixes to have the air flow better throughout your home.